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Located in South Boston, VA, The locals know Mast equipment by the three large train box cars out front. Mast equipment buys and sells a ton of large equipment and we pride ourselves in our own design and fabrication of our logging bridges. We now offer a engineer stamped weight certification with our 30' and 40' models. Please contact us for more information! 


Other things we sell include train cars to paper mill equipment, electrical surplus to parts room overstock, DC/AC electric motors, shipping containers, insulated office containers, scrap metal, sawmill equipment, military surplus and so much more keep an eye on our website as its updated as soon as we get new equipment.

Click above to see what's in our inventory. And, if you're looking for something specific, be sure to give us a call at (434) 404-1694 as we are always getting new items or may know someone who has what you're looking for. 

We also can organize trucking for any load.



2040 Bill Tuck Highway 

South Boston, VA 24592

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